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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find below the answers you are looking for, please email:

Or, visit BC-STV FAQ to find out more about the Assembly's recommended system.

Why did the Assembly expand to 160 members?
What is the Citizens' Assembly?
Why do we need a Citizens’ Assembly? 
What is the scope of the Assembly’s mandate?
Which electoral systems will you consider?
How do I find out about the various electoral systems being considered?
Who else in Canada is reviewing the electoral system?
What are the activities of the Citizens' Assembly?
How can I be updated on the activities of the Citizens’ Assembly? 
How can British Columbians stay informed about the process?
How do I share my opinion about electoral reform in B.C.?
How is the Assembly funded?
Is this a wise use of scarce public funds?
Which political parties support the Citizens’Assembly? 
How will you ensure the Citizens’ Assembly as a whole remains non-partisan?
Won’t staff biases skew the thinking of Assembly members? 
Is Assembly membership representative of the diversity of B.C.?
Who are the members of the Citizens' Assembly?
Is membership in the Citizens’ Assembly a full-time position?
How many hours or days will members have to work?
Are members volunteers, or is there compensation?
What about the time members might lose from their jobs?
What are the eligibility requirements for members?
Can I volunteer to be a member?
How were members selected?
How do I get on the provincial voters list?
What kind of response did you receive to the letters of invitation?
What if members drop out? Will replacement members be chosen?
What if a member is acting or behaving in a way that other members don’t agree with?
How can randomly selected people make good decisions on such a complex matter?
Who selected Dr. Blaney as the Chair of theAssembly?
Who are the other staff members?
Are there any jobs available with the Assembly?
Are there volunteer positions available with the Citizens’ Assembly?
Who will teach Assembly members about different voting systems?
How will the Assembly reach its decisions?
Who will write the Assembly’s reports?
What happens now the Citizens' Assembly has recommended a new electoral system?
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