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What are the activities of the Citizens' Assembly?

There will be three phases to the Citizens’ Assembly in 2004:

  • Learning: Members learn in January-March 2004 about our current electoral system and other electoral systems used around the world.
  • Public Hearings: There will be public hearings (PDF, 126 KB) in May-June 2004 throughout the province, for members to hear what their fellow citizens have to say about electoral reform. The Assembly will also accept submissions from the public.
  • Deliberation: The Citizens’ Assembly will decide in September-November 2004 whether our current electoral system should be changed and, if so, make a recommendation for a new system.
The Citizens’ Assembly will report its recommendation to the Attorney General and to the people of British Columbia by December 2004. If the current electoral system is supported by the Citizens’ Assembly, that will bring the Assembly’s work to a close. If the Citizens’ Assembly suggests a change, its report will describe the pros and cons of both our current system and the recommended system, explaining why the new system is preferred. It will also draft the referendum question on this issue for the May 2005 provincial election. The Assembly will disband after handing in its final recommendation.
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