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Here are the latest news updates and events from and about the Citizens' Assembly:

For your convenience and speed, the three newest news items appear on this page. Previous items are archived under "Latest news" in the menu at left.

Also online: a log of media coverage of the Assembly, through 23 December 2004. It lists known media items by date, media, headline and more.  It's an Excel spreadsheet (348KB).


Rafe Mair editorial

17-DEC-2004 - The best political exercise I've seen

Gordon Gibson, The Vancouver Sun

14-DEC-2004 - Why party politicians don't like the STV

News release - The Final Report

10-DEC-2004 - Assembly sees better democracy


Members of the Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform wrapped up on 28 November 2004 their 11-month mission and their recommendation of a new proportional voting system for B.C.

The Assembly then issued its final report to the people of B.C. on December 10.  (The homepage of this website has links to French, Chinese and Punjabi versions, as well.)

Copies of the report will be distributed to all of B.C.'s 1.4 million households in late January. It will also be sent to libraries, municipal halls, First Nations offices, schools and colleges, MLAs' offices, government agents, and others.

If you would like a copy, please-mail your name and mailing address to:  

A further Technical Report, which will include background and historic documents, will be released on or about December 29. Then the Assembly office closes.

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