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What are the eligibility requirements for members?

The eligibility requirements are designed to:

  • depoliticize the Assembly and discourage bias
  • ensure members are Canadian citizens, residents of B.C., and of voting age (18+)
  • facilitate the work of the Assembly by ensuring all members are fluent in English
The Terms of Reference approved by the government for the Citizens' Assembly states that, “for the purposes of this selection process, the following persons are not eligible to be members of the Citizens' Assembly:

(a) a person who is not a Canadian citizen;

(b) a person not resident in British Columbia;

(c) a person under the age of 18;

(d) a judge, justice or court referee;

(e) a member or officer of the Parliament of Canada or of the Privy Council of Canada;

(f) a member or officer of the Legislature or of the Executive Council;

(g) an elected member of a local government, including a school board or a park board;

(h) a candidate in the last 2 federal, provincial, municipal or regional district elections;

(i) an official representative or agent of a person identified in paragraph (h);

(j) an immediate family member of a sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly;

(k) a current officer or official representative of a registered provincial political party;

(l) a chief or band councillor elected under the Indian Act;

(m) an elected member of a Nisga'a Government as defined in the Nisga'a Final Agreement.”

Members must live in British Columbia throughout the time of the Assembly, which will take place during the year of 2004. To be a representative of an electoral district, the home and/or permanent address of interested individuals must be within the electoral district. People such as students and workers who are temporarily relocated for study or employment are able to represent their home district while living in another. Once selected, members of the Assembly who then move to a different electoral district will continue to serve as members.

Further, fluency in written and oral English and the availability to attend meetings and devote the necessary time are equally important considerations for membership on the Citizens’ Assembly.

For more detail, please dowload our Eligibility Interpretation document.
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