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Why do we need a Citizens’ Assembly? 

Elections are at the heart of our democratic process. Now, for the first time, the people will decide how we elect our provincial political representatives in British Columbia.

The Citizens’ Assembly’s mandate is to review the current system of voting – not necessarily to change it. The members may or may not recommend a change to the way that our votes now translate into seats in the Legislature in British Columbia.

While many British Columbians believe our electoral system works well, others have expressed concerns over the years. The Citizens’ Assembly is an opportunity to have all opinions explored in a fair way.

Several other provinces are also looking at electoral reform such as New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Prince Edward Island, as well as the City of Vancouver. Only in B.C., though, has the job been given to randomly selected citizens. Indeed, nowhere else in the world has such an independent and non-partisan group of citizens been so empowered.
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