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The Assembly strongly encouraged members of the public to be engaged, to come to public meetings, and to follow the progress of the Assembly. We regularly posted news of the Assembly and its activity on the website, and we kept the news media up to speed.

We also encourage you to take a look at the Learning Materials that the Assembly members used in their "Learning Phase" In January-March, 2004.  We also have some easy-to-read fact sheets on electoral systems.

And info on the BC-STV system that members recommended for B.C.

To generate public debate and input, before public hearings began in May 2004, the Assembly members issued on 21 March 2004 a Preliminary Statement to the People of British Columbia.


The Assembly held public hearings in communities all over B.C. during May and June 2004.

Anywhere from four to 20 Assembly members were at each meeting and reported back to their colleagues.  A special meeting of the full Assembly was held in Prince George, June 26-27, to allow members to review and discuss what they heard from British Columbians at these hearings.

Here is an overview of what members heard at the hearings. We also have online summaries of presentations made at the hearings, and news releases that were issued after each hearing.


In all, the Assembly received a total of 1,603 public submissions during the 13 months ended 27 September 2004. And you can read them all here. The period for submissions closed on 27 September 2004.

Incidentally, the numbers on the submissions appear to show that there are 1,669 of them. After allowing for blanks, duplications and those submissions that were later withdrawn by the people who sent them, the real total is 1,603. Unfortunately, we cannot renumber the submissions to reflect that.


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