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Public Hearings

The Assembly held 50 public hearings all over B.C. in May and June 2004.  The goal was to ensure that meetings were held in convenient places, and that nobody had to travel too far to get to one.

Assembly members were in attendance at each of these public hearings, to listen first-hand to British Columbians’ views on electoral reform. 

Here is an overview of what they heard. We also have online summaries of the presentations made at the hearings, and news releases issued by the Assembly after each hearing.

The schedule of hearing dates and locations is still available here. Also available is the list of 370 people who registered to make presentations at the 50 hearings. This list is in two forms: a PDF document (160KB) and an Excel spreadsheet (108KB).  Many others made informal presentations, joined in discussion, or sparked debate.

While not all members of the Citizens' Assembly attended every public meeting, there were members at each meeting. They ranged in number from four to 24, and they reported back to their colleagues.

After the hearings were over, a committee of members met in July and reviewed the presentations. They deemed nine to have been of particular merit, and invited those nine presenters to make presentations to the full Assembly in Vancouver on September 11, 2004.


During the 13 months ended 27 September 2004, The Assembly office also accepted written submissions from the public, and made them available to all members of the Assembly. Members of the public sent 1,603 such submissions. To view them, click here.

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