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Media resources

Some links and resources that may be of use to the news media




Check out, too, our easy-to-read fact sheets about electoral systems in general.

Try our catalogue of Recommended Reading, and our Links Page to sites that relate to electoral reform. We also have a Glossary of terms and words relating to elections, electoral systems and government.

After each "learning phase" weekend for Assembly members, we put online the handouts and PowerPoint slideshows that were used. You'll find them in our Learning Resources section. They are in various formats: MSWord documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint files.

We also have audio and video files of both the learning and deliberation (and decision-making) phases. These are WMP and MP3 files, and are not of broadcast quality.

Medium-resolution photos (mugshots) of Assembly members can be downloaded from this website by way of the Member Index.  Click on a member's name, and you'll find a mugshot and mini-bio. 

We also have online a small photo gallery of members and the Assembly in action.

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