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News Releases

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Rafe Mair editorial

17-DEC-2004 - The best political exercise I've seen

Gordon Gibson, The Vancouver Sun

14-DEC-2004 - Why party politicians don't like the STV

News release - The Final Report

10-DEC-2004 - Assembly sees better democracy

Bill Tieleman, Georgia Straight

09-DEC-2004 - Greens, Liberals Drove Assembly to STV

News release - Assembly issues report

09-DEC-2004 - Citizens' Assembly issues report

Bill Tieleman, Georgia Straight

02-DEC-2004 - STV Shenanigans Confusing

Editorial, Langley Times

01-DEC-2004 - Resounding success

Attorney General on Shaw-TV

01-DEC-2004 - Public information process planned

Editorial, Nanaimo Daily News

30-NOV-2004 - A job well done

News release - Assembly wraps up

28-NOV-2004 - 'Great gift' to B.C.

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