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Learning Phase, Week 5

The agenda for the fifth weekend, March 6-7, 2004, appears lower down on this page.

There were two special guests in addition to the regular presenters. David Farrell, author of the reference book being used by the Assembly, and Elizabeth McLeay, visiting political science professor from Victoria University in New Zealand, were both in attendance. (Visit the Victoria University site and use the "Teaching Staff" pulldown menu to find Dr. McLeay.)

Their handouts and presentations are online as follows:

David Farrell handout ( Word document, 207K) ( PDF, 333K)

David Farrell PowerPoint presentation ( PPT, 376K) ( PDF, 201K)

David Farrell PowerPoint (simple version) ( PPT, 232K) ( PDF, 151K)

Elizabeth McLeay background notes ( Word, 43K) ( PDF, 186K)

Elizabeth McLeay handout ( Word, 68K) ( PDF, 231K)

Elizabeth McLeay PowerPoint presentation ( PPT, 316K) ( PDF, 1.82MB)

Elizabeth McLeay PowerPoint (simple version) ( PPT, 108K)

The agenda for March 6-7:


Saturday March

Morning: Choosing Systems

What criteria have others used, why, did it work as expected?
- Eastern Europe’s new democracies (post 1990)
- the European Union
- established democracies (Italy, Japan, New Zealand)

Discussion Groups

 Round Table (Research and Education staff with visiting experts)
- are there lessons for us
- what should we look for, what might we avoid
Afternoon: The Impact of Change 
- the impact on political parties & electoral competition
- the impact on the role of MPs & the legislature
- government formation and performance

Discussion Groups

Round Table (Research and Education staff with visiting experts)
- questions about the how and whys of change impacts            
Sunday March 7 

Morning: Lessons for BC
- the 1950s experiment
- are there limits to the impact electoral system change can have
- what are the key lessons

Discussion Groups
A Final Round Table on Electoral System Change

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