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On September 11, 2004, the full 161-member Assembly will hear nine outstanding presenters. 

A special committee of the Assembly met on July 10 to select those people — whose presentations given at public hearings were deemed of particular merit — who will be invited to present to the entire Assembly. 

The committee selected, by consensus, nine presenters and all nine have accepted. In the list below, their names link to their submissions or to info about their presentations at public hearings.

Presentations will take place from 9am – 4pm on September 11, at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in downtown Vancouver (580 West Hastings Street).


For the historical record, here is how the plenary presenters were selected.

In order to be considered for a slot in the plenary presentations, presenters had to apply to the Citizens’ Assembly or be recommended by members attending the public hearing at which they presented.

  1. Applicants were asked to complete a brief application form: available at the bottom of this webpage; or as a PDF application form (completed and mailed to #2288 – 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 4N6); or submitted via a telephone request to 1-866-667-1232.  This application had to be received by the Assembly by June 24, 2004.
  2. Applicants had to make a similar presentation at a regular public hearing at any location throughout the province.
All applications for a plenary presentation were reviewed by a provincially representative Selection Committee comprised of 11 Assembly members. In making its selection, the Committee considered the following criteria:

  1. Quality — the presentation delivered at a Public Hearing was clear and well thought-out, with coherent arguments. The proposal was fully detailed with effective application to British Columbia’s circumstance. The Assembly members in attendance at the public hearing endorsed the presentation as worthy of consideration for a plenary presentation.
  2. Mandate — the thesis and argument of the presentation were consistent with the Assembly’s mandate.
  3. Merit — the presentation advances the Assembly’s objectives by putting forward strong arguments worthy of consideration
  4. Other factors as the Committee may determine consistent with the above criteria.
The plenary presentations, taken as a whole, will offer a fair and balanced representation of submissions and public views, regions, interest groups and electoral systems.

Assembly members attending public hearings may recommend that a presentation be considered for a plenary presentation subject to the approval of the presenter(s).

Successful applicants who face significant travel costs to attend the plenary presentation may apply for assistance to the Selection Committee.

Here is the Assembly policy re: plenary presentations, as approved by the Assembly members on February 22, 2004. 
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