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FAQ: The Assembly's Recommendation

Which electoral system is the Citizens’ Assembly recommending?
The Citizens’ Assembly recommends British Columbians adopt the “proportional representation by single-transferable vote” system (PR-STV or STV).  After comprehensive research and extensive public input, Assembly members are convinced that a made-in-BC version of STV, branded BC-STV, is the best system for BC.  It best addresses many British Columbians’ electoral values and will best meet this province’s needs.  During its decision-making weekend, the Assembly voted 95% in favour of recommending that the province adopt BC-STV.

Was BC-STV the only system that the Assembly considered?
The Assembly first examined the values that should be a part of any electoral system for British Columbia. These are local representation, proportionality and voter choice. Then, the Assembly built two alternate electoral systems: STV (single-transferable vote) and MMP (mixed member proportional).

Members engaged in an excellent and thoughtful debate about which of the two alternative systems would better serve the needs of the province. You can watch or listen to recordings of this historic conversation (see parts 59 and 60). When the Assembly voted on this question, 123 members voted for STV and 31 voted for MMP. In total, 80% of the Assembly supported STV as the best alternative electoral system for BC.

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