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Members of the public sent to the Assembly a total of 1,603 public submissions during the 13 months ended 27 September 2004. And you can access them all lower down on this page.

Incidentally, the numbers on the submissions appear to show that there are 1,669 of them. After allowing for blanks, duplications and those submissions that were later withdrawn by the people who sent them, the real total is 1,603. Unfortunately, we cannot renumber the submissions to reflect that.

If a posted submission is dated after 27 September, that date refers to the date the submission was processed and posted to the website, not the date it was received. 

To help you navigate through the 1,603 submissions received from the public, here are:
  1. An introduction to the submissions, available as a Word document (40KB) or as a PDF document (110KB).
  2. A link to the View Submissions page, where you can read and/or search 1,603 submissions
  3. A complete list of the submissions and their abstracts, available as an Excel spreadsheet (472KB) or as a PDF (348KB)
  4. A guide to the longer submissions (i.e., 80 submissions that run four or more pages in length). This guide is available as a Word document (36KB) or as a PDF file (96KB).
  5. A list of the 80 longer submissions, indexed by electoral system and including abstracts. This list is available as an Excel spreadsheet (40KB) or as a PDF item (90KB).

Submission List

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The next by-election should use an experimental ballot form with 'None-of-the-Above' (NOTA) as an option.  If the voters accept this option, it should be adopted for the next provincial election in all ridings.  [2 pages]
Category: Democratic government, Electoral system change
Author: John Allen West and Virginia Ayers
Date: Mar 16, 2004


The Assembly should hear presentations in plenary session and should be chaired by a randomly appointed chairperson.  Members of the Assembly who do not think there should be electoral change should surrender their seats. [3 pages]
Category: Citizens' Assembly process
Author: John Allen West and Virginia Ayers
Date: Feb 07, 2004


The option of rejecting all candidates should enter the voter's mind before the names of the candidates.  'None of the Above' entry should come before the list of candidates, renamed 'None of the Listed'. [1 page]
Category: Democratic elections
Author: Alex Abacus
Date: Mar 24, 2004


After studying the options, I would like to see a Mixed Member Proportional [MMP] system here in BC. [1 page]
Category: Electoral system change
Author: Judith Abrams
Date: Aug 14, 2004


I want my vote to count. Really count, and with proportional representation [PR], it will, every time. It's about time we caught up with the rest of the world.  [1 page]
Category: Electoral system change
Author: Mark Achbar
Date: Jun 07, 2004
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