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Submission ABACUS-0123 (Online)

Submission By Alex Abacus
AddressVancouver, BC,
CategoryDemocratic elections
The option of rejecting all candidates should enter the voter's mind before the names of the candidates.  'None of the Above' entry should come before the list of candidates, renamed 'None of the Listed'. [1 page]

Submission Content

For each elected position, the FIRST entry on the list of candidates should be similar to this:

[ ] I strongly object to being represented by any of the listed candidates. I would like to nominate [ ] for this position.

If this entry wins most votes, the election must be repeated with at least one new candidate added to the list.  Voters could optionally nominate persons they would like to see as candidates.

I think that dissatisfaction with available choices is the most frequent reason for not voting.  It is important to measure this dissatisfaction.  Providing a way to express this dissatisfaction would motivate eligible voters to vote when they otherwise do not have anyone to vote for.

This is usually known as the "None of the above" entry.  It is so important that it should come before other entries to make it clear that the voter does not have to select from the list.  If this is the last entry, the voter may reluctantly select from the list before becoming aware of the last option.  There is some evidence that the candidate listed first has an advantage.  This would eliminate most of that advantage without any fancy technology to randomize the order in which candidates are listed on the ballot.

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