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Website traffic statistics

Here's a "final" report on our Assembly website traffic statistics.

Why "final"? The website will stay alive at least through the referendum on electoral reform on 17 May 2005. But after the Citizens' Assembly issued its final report and disbanded, daily updates and work on the website ceased on 21 December 2004.

The site you are looking at was launched on 23 November 2003. From then through 20 December 2004:

  • We had 50,791 unique visitors
  • That’s a daily average (spread over seven days a week) of 317
  • Users visited a total of 1.61 million pages
  • That’s a daily average of 4,090 pages
  • We had visitors from 151 countries
  • Canada was #1, followed by the US, the UK, France, Taiwan, Slovakia, Korea, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.
  • We had 10,893 downloads of audio and video items
  • And 10,333 downloads of PowerPoint shows
  • Our biggest single day for traffic: 12 December 2004, with 39,582 pageviews, followed by 11 December with 31,999 and 08 December with 28,963
  • Most popular day to visit: Thursdays, followed by Wednesdays and Mondays
  • Most popular visiting times: 2000-2100, 2100-2200 and 2200-2300.
Incidentally, we survived 8,240 attempted attacks from worms and viruses. (Most of those would be from innocent people who had no idea they were infected carriers.)
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