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Members of the Citizens' Assembly contributed Saturday (September 25) to a wish-list of "ideal outcomes" of electoral systems.

The following were among thoughts thrown out by various members in answer to the question: "What kind of outcomes would you like to see as a result of changing an electoral system?"

(Note: The list below is not definitive or complete. It was not voted on by the Assembly members, and thus is not an official document. And some points in it may be beyond the Assembly's mandate. )

  • "A legislature that is responsive to the people of B.C."
  • "A legislature that pays attention throughout its term and not just at election time."
  • "A legislature that provides real leadership."
  • "Every vote counts."
  • "Accountability."
  • "People feel more involved with democracy."
  • "Coalition government."
  • "Independents have a reasonable chance of being elected."
  • "More open debates in the chamber as opposed to back-room deals."
  • "A legislature that represents more accurately the diversity of B.C."
  • "(An electoral system that is) easy to understand."
  • "More incentives for voters to turn out."
  • "More say for MLAs."
  • "Public servants who serve the public."
  • "Increased participation by younger voters."
  • "Less party discipline (of MLAs)."
  • "Less power to party leaders and more to MLAs."
  • "Full gender representation, like the Assembly where we have equal numbers of men and women."
  • "A lot better behaviour in the legislature."
  • "More open referenda and public votes."
  • "Restrictions on how campaigns are financed."
  • "Consensus decision making baed on voters' wishes."
  • "More choices (on the ballot) for the voter."
  • "Accountability of the premier and cabinet to the legislature and of MLAs to the people."
  • "More effective Opposition."
  • "More effective local representation."
  • "Nominations (of candidates) not controlled centrally by parties."
  • "Democratic nominations."









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