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FAQ: Get Involved

How can British Columbians learn more about the recommendation? 
You read the Assembly’s Final Report. This website is also a great resource - take a look around! A non-partisan information office may be established in the new year, to provide information resources on BC-STV and the current electoral system.

The Final Report is being sent to 1.52 million British Columbian households in January 2005. The Knowledge Network will be broadcasting a one-hour documentary during the months leading up to the referendum.

Will there be Yes and No campaigns? 
Yes and No campaigns are arising, adding to a vigorous and important debate on this issue. If voters are to make an informed decision, all British Columbians need to discuss this issue and to participate in the vote on May 17, 2005.

Did the Assembly listen to public opinion when making its recommendation? 
Members carefully considered all the public input they received in this process. The Assembly received 1,600 submissions, and held 50 public hearings that were attended by almost 3,000 people.

As one member said, "our role, though, was to do more than just tally up submissions. Our job was to listen, learn and thoughtfully evaluate. We especially paid attention to people’s underlying values and the outcomes they wanted from an electoral system. The values most frequently expressed were voter choice, proportionality and local representation. The Assembly believes BC-STV best addresses these values and will produce the best outcomes for BC."

Is there information about BC-STV for people who don't speak English? 
The Final Report is available in French, Chinese and Punjabi.

How do I invite someone who was part of the Assembly to speak to my community group? 
Many of those who served as members of the Assembly continue to actively explain the recommendation. A group of "alumni" have made themselves available for speaking engagements. To contact these alumni members for a speaking engagement, please email

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