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Submission ZAMFIRESCU-1664 (Online)

Submission By Marian Zamfirescu
AddressMaple Ridge, BC,
CategoryDemocratic elections, Electoral system change
There should be Proportional Representation [PR] with strong support for independent candidates, and longer term in office with annual, or biannual approval referendums. [1 page]

Submission Content
1. Longer term in office with annual, or biannual approval referendum.

- Today's 4 year term for an elected provincial official is counter-productive for resolving many very important issues that require long term solutions. These include issues on fisheries, native peoples, health care, secondary and post secondary education, forestry and many others. These issues will affect the baseline quality of life of the citizens of this province for many years to come, and the 4 year cycle of provincial elections disrupts various plans set forth, particularly if the governing majority changes each cycle. I propose a longer term in office, perhaps 6 years, but ONLY with the provision that elections can be called upon if an Approval Referendum that would occur biannually wouldn't pass a 60% Yes vote, for the current provincial government. This would increase accountability of the elected government, while allowing for implementations of long-term plans, without the disruption of full elections, re-organizing of government etc.

2. Proportional Representation Voting with strong support for independent candidates.

- Toeing the party line is a growing trend in Canadian politics. Trying to align your needs with the view of 3 or 4 choices is counterintuitive as the policies of one party may be adequate for one region and entirely inappropriate for another. Communities have individual needs that can't always be addressed fully by representatives blocked into 3 or 4 party platforms. Political coverage in the media, including public debates and encouragement for public involvement at community centers, libraries and other public grounds, where the public can be fully aware of all candidates should be a mandate of the Province. Candidates who belong to a large political party have an unfair advantage over independents when it comes to public awareness and opportunity to learn about their platform. A public set of media resources should be created for provincial matters of elections, both online, and as perhaps a media publication in conjunction with local news papers, that would circulate in advance of provincial elections. This would help the proportional representation process province-wide and it would add another layer of accurate representation to the idea of Proportional Representation.

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