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Submission WERA-1629 (Online)

Submission By Guy Wera
AddressVancouver, BC,
CategoryDemocratic government, Electoral system change
I support electoral reform where half the members of the Legislature are elected by proportional representation and half as they are today, giving ample support to local representation [MMP]. [1 page]

Submission Content
I support half proportional representation and half of members elected as they are today, giving ample support to local representation [MMP].

It is also important to limit the power of these elected people by incorporating a very clean and respectful system of Referendums for all issues that affect the general publics lifestyles or issues that have to do with laws and the court system as well as banking regulations for example. This referendum system requires strict rules to follow concerning how information is distributed and the general public is informed about all the issues that a referendum may raise. A clearing house for questions asked by the electorate and a reasonable system of getting an issue to the state of referendum. Referendums must be binding as well so elected representatives have to live with the publics decisions. It must also be illegal for corporate entities and Labor Unions to vote or participate in referendums in any way at all, not even in desmination of information about the referendum other than through he official route. Strict limits on money spent by individuals about specific issues that may affect them adversely of for personal gains.

Representative democracy is today equal to electing dictators and that can only be healed through citizen participation and very concise education or an official chanel for citizen information and questioning of the issues.

Thank you for your work and best wishes in creating a fair democratic system so we can minimize the use of protests to make a point about an unfair issue or law.

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