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Submission REFORD-1573 (Online)

Submission By Al Reford
AddressVictoria, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change, Minority representation
I favour MMP for BC  with MLA numbers increased to 160, half to be women and 10% for native peoples; two MLAs in 53 constituency seats with 52 party lists seats.  The pay for MLAs would be cut in half to accommodate this. [2 pages]

Submission Content
Presentation to Citizens’ Assembly Hearing at Victoria June 10, 2004

Main points:

I have not voted for almost 20 years.  I have only voted in the 1984 federal election and I voted then for a party and person who supported proportional representation.  I have been waiting for the opportunity to vote for proportional representation.  I registered to vote symbolically on May 17, 2004 in preparation for the chance to support this system coming into being in B.C.   Without the Citizens’ Assembly and the possible referendum question, I would have continued to boycott the current system as I find it offensive and undemocratic.  The British system has resulted in highly undemocratic government of business and social elites and in B.C., it was designed deliberately to exclude at times the following citizens: Women, Native peoples, Chinese, Japanese, East Indians, Mennonites and Doukhobours.

Proportional Representational System I support: Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)

In my opinion, the best option being considered is the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) system as outlined on Page 3 of the Free Your Vote – Pro Rep Society’s  Spring 2004 flyer entitled “Hope for Democracy in BC”

It suggests:

  1. Keeping 79 MLA with 2/3 being constituency seats and 1/3 being party lists seats.  That would mean 53 constituency seats and 26 party lists seats.
  2. Require political parties to run candidates in at least 50% of the constituency seats in order to qualify for lists seats.
  3. Require political parties by law to select list candidates in a democratic way that grant every party member a say.
  4. A flexible list system where a voter can choose to accept the list as ranked or choose one candidate to be placed at the top of the list ( as recommended by the Law Commission of Canada for Federal electoral reform).
I would disagree with point one in one aspect. I believe that the number of MLAs should double to 160. Thus there would be two MLAs in 53 constituency seats and 52 party lists seats.  The pay for MLAs would be cut in half to accommodate this.  Then by law half the candidates for the 53 constituency seats and 26 party lists seats would be Women thus making B.C. the first province to be governed in gender equality. Also a minimum of 10 % of the seats (16) would be reserved for Native people.

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