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Submission MORGAN-1565 (Online)

Submission By Paul Morgan
AddressVancouver, BC,
CategoryCitizens' Assembly process, Electoral system change
Seventy percent of the public's submissions favour MMP and only 4% favour STV.  MMP is simple and straightforward, that's what the public wants.  STV is complicated and not truly proportional. [1 page]

Submission Content
I would like to thank everyone for all their time and hard work.

I see by all the submissions that over 70% of the public's response is in favour of MMP and that only 4% and in favour of STV.  I also would like to see MMP as our new voting system. The 70% that want MMP know that MMP leaves our current system of one local representative per riding intact, then achieves proportionality with the second vote for the preferred party.  Simple and straight forward, that's what the public wants.  STV is complicated and not truly proportional.  Unfortunately out of your last nine presenters three are infavour of STV and two in favour of MMP.  This list of presenters does not reflect the view of the public.  70% of the public want MMP, its a system that will get people involved in the voting system because they know that their vote will finally count it will reflect their views.

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