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Submission MEAD-1485 (Online)

Submission By Johanna Mead
AddressFauquier, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change
I favour MLAs dedicated to a specific riding, and representation where seats reflect support from the voting population. As some variety of MMP system addresses both my concerns, I support such a proposal for change. [1 page] 

Submission Content
Herewith my thanks to the Citizens’ Assembly for their admirable research and studies into the subject of electoral reform for BC.

I strongly favour a system that results in MLAs dedicated to specific constituencies, because it motivates them to know their local issues well and hopefully enables them to bring such information to the attention of the Legislature.

Just as strongly, I favour correcting BC’s tendency to a widely swinging pendulum of polarity that repeatedly returns strong parliamentary majorities that nonetheless are far from reflecting the actual support of the voting population.

Since some variety of a Mixed Member Proportional [MMP] system seems to address both of my concerns, I am adding my voice in support of such a proposal to the Legislature.  There are no meetings that I know of, near enough for me to attend, hence this letter instead.

[Entered online from a scanned document]

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