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Submission LUCY-1570 (Online)

Submission By Ryan Lucy
AddressVancouver, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change
I am opposed to the current electoral system and favour MMP. I am not in favour of STV and even less in favour of the 'Preferential Plus' proposal by Nick Loenen. [1 page]

Submission Content
  1. I favour mixed member proportional representation (MMP) with a reasonable minimum percentage lower threshold to get a seat.
    Reasons: The many countries around the world where this system is now used have a much better record of fairer representation while preserving some local representation. They also elect more women and minorities.
  2. I am strongly opposed to keeping the system we have.
    Reasons: The number of seats won should closely reflect the percentage of votes cast for that party. Clearly that is not the case now. With 58% of the vote, the BC Liberal Party got 98% of the seats in the last election. The system we choose should not allow this to happen. It should guarantee that the 42% of the people who did not vote Liberal are politically represented in the legislature. Clearly this system does not do that consistently.
  3. I am very strongly opposed to the single transferable vote (STV) system.
    Reasons: In other countries (Malta and Ireland, for example), this system has not worked consistently, and certainly does not improve representation of minority groups or women (who are 50 percent of the population!)
  4. I am even more opposed to the "preferential plus" system proposed by Nick Loenen [Loenen 0035].
    Reasons: This system seems like it will guarantee a one-sided, un-representative government in perpetuity, incorporating nearly all the disadvantages outlined above.
We need a fair system in BC, one that learns from the experience of other countries who have successfully made the transformation to mixed member proportional representation! We cannot continue with the system we have, nor should we choose a system that will further decrease the democratic representation in this province.

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