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Submission LAX-1542 (Online)

Submission By Noel Lax
AddressQuathiaski Cove, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change
I favour proportional representation and, for reasons of relative simplicity and fairness, suggest the adoption of the New Zealand system [MMP]. [1 page]

Submission Content
Please accept this letter as (i) my submission in favour of Proportional Representation, and (ii) my request that, individually and collectively, you recommend the principle of Proportional Representation to the British
Columbia government.

Further, I would like to state that for reasons of relative simplicity and fairness, I favour the New Zealand system [MMP].

I would also like to be on record that in my opinion the present method of paper ballots, for which there is an unmistaken paper trail, should be retained. We have a system which over time has been perfected. That it works is a proven fact -- as we are neither confounded by “missing chads” nor are we condemned to live with the results of lost or diverted electrons, for which no explanation may ever be established. Consequently I would like to respectfully suggest that, along with whatever findings the Citizens Assembly may reach regarding Proportional Representation, your report to Government should recommend formalised retention of the present paper ballot system. When you have something that works, it is frequently best to resist the temptation to tinker.

1 wish you well in your deliberations and trust the end result will be a vast improvement in the effectiveness of our Provincial political process - which for some time has not been as equitable as it might. The adoption of a successful provincial system of “Pro-Rep” will hopefully influence the outcome federally, so that consequently your decisions may directly benefit all, Canadians.

[Entered online from a scanned document]

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