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Submission HAWKINS-1536 (Online)

Submission By Ron Hawkins
AddressSalt Spring Island, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change
I support electoral reform in BC and favour proportional representation [PR].  Since we are a democracy, each party should receive the percentage of the pie they are mandated for by the people's vote. [1 page]

Submission Content
I am writing to express my entire support for electoral reform in BC, -- indeed Canada for that matter. Since we are a democracy, the system of representation voting is a great refinement in the manner of giving real representation to the wishes of the people, by giving each party the exact share of the total popular vote they achieve. Each party receives the percentage of the pie they are mandated for by the people's vote.

As it is now it is less refined, where a large number of (losing) votes are never recognized, and that, is not only undemocratic but false representation. I do not see how anyone could disagree in the fairness and accuracy of this proposed system for BC.

By writing this letter I encourage you to demand of the government that they adopt a proportional representation voting system in the province before the next provincial election. I am enclosing a cheque to help you with the cost of your work which is very much appreciated. Thank you!

[Entered online from a scanned document]

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