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Submission HAMILTON-1631 (Online)

Submission By J Dwayne Hamilton
AddressCastlegar, BC,
Two comments on MMP: first, citizens must be able to vote for whomever they please from the party list; secondly, the PR list component should only apply to the list candidates, not the whole legisature [MMM or parallel list]. [1 page]

Submission Content
In addion to a letter submitted months ago [Hamilton 0067] I'd like to make two comments on Proportional Representation, as you are considering a number of such proposals.

First: Please, please do not suggest a system whereby the parties choose the sitting members of the legislature. Do not have citizens vote only for a party, but for specific members of a party.  If parties propose a list, the have citizens vote for whomever they please from such a list.  The people must have the responsibility to choose members of the legislature, not the parties, although most candidates for election are representing a party.  Sometimes legislators are voted in DESPITE the party they represent.

Second, if the scheme you ultimately propose is, say, half the present system and half proportional representation [MMP], then ONLY that half is to be based on proportional representation.  That is, REGARDLESS of the outcome of the half selected by the current system, the other half should NOT be used to try to make the WHOLE legislature represented by the proportion of party vote. Thus if Party A acquires 40% of the vote it is only entitled to 40% of the seats in the HALF set aside for proportional representation, NOT the whole legislature. Thank you, and best of luck in your deliberations.

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