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Submission FOWLER-1567 (Online)

Submission By Baron Fowler
AddressSalt Spring Island, BC,
CategoryElectoral system change
Eleven points for the design of a mixed member proportional [MMP] electoral system for BC. [1 page]

Submission Content
I would like to make my views known to the Assembly and add my vote to a new electoral system based on a Mixed Member Proportional system similar to New Zealand and Germany. I recommend the following features:
  1. Minimum percentage of votes required to get any seats be set at 5% of the Provincial total.
  2. The number of Party list seats be set at a low number to both reduce the increase in geographical area of Constituencies and minimize the reduction in regional seats, particularly in northern BC.
  3. Set the number of list seats at 8-12.
  4. No seats in Northern BC to be eliminated or increased in size.
  5. Party list seats to specify that the number one place be automatically given to the Party Leader and
     number two place assigned to the Deputy leader.
  6. Each party to present the Party List two weeks before the General Election begins.
  7. Each Party to determine the allocation of seats and this process to be made public.
  8. Each person on the Party List must have a biography as part of the public information submitted to Elections BC.
  9. Voting will be on two separate ballots. One for the local candidate and one for the Party.
  10. Only Parties running candidates in the Electoral District can have their name on the Party ballot.
  11. Only officially registered Parties may be listed and they must run candidates in at least 25% of the Electoral Districts in BC to get on the Party ballot.

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