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Citizens' Assembly Member Profile

Diana Cochran

DIANA COCHRAN is intrigued about how so many Assembly members will be able to achieve consensus, as well as "about the process and how it can work." Diana, who lives in New Westminster, says she’s pleased that she will not be studying something "to death" simply to have a report shelved at the end. "The people get to vote on it." Born in Bexley Heath, England, Diana has lived in BC since the early 1970s. She has worked at BC Hydro since 1989 and is currently a human resources business partner in BC Hydro. Diana has volunteered with St. James Anglican Church on Gore St. in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. She swims six mornings a week and does a lot of crafts. "I’m obsessed with beads at the moment," making both jewellery and Victorian beaded flowers.
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