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Margaret Anderson

MARGARET ANDERSON grew up in Michigan, but moved to Canada in 1973. She taught at the University of Western Ontario until 1992, when she moved to BC to join the faculty of the University of Northern BC. She was Chair of First Nations Studies at UNBC for two years, and then accepted the position of Regional Chair for the University's Northwest Region, moving to Prince Rupert to take up her current duties in 1994. Since completing her term as Northwest Regional Chair, Margaret has chosen to remain in the region, and is now a Professor of First Nations Studies, based in Prince Rupert. Margaret has always been interested in citizenship and governance. "I’m interested in possible alternatives to our current voting system and the benefits of each of them. I don’t know if it (the current BC system) should be changed or not." Her community involvements include being a member of Ts’msyen Sm’algyax Authority. She has also assisted other First Nations communities with language revitalization programs, including the Gitksan, Nisga'a and Haida. Her hobbies include weaving, reading mystery novels, baking, gardening, and travel when she can afford it!
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